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The Future Is Local

With the changing nature of town centres, the future is local. By supporting local, the community creates demand for products and services. It nurtures a dynamic critical mass that draws people in and ultimately increases footfall in that area.

Local businesses tend to hire local workers. In addition to staff for the stores, they hire local builders, local carpet fitters, local solicitors, local accountants and insurance brokers to help them run the business. They are also likely to stock locally-sourced products, which in turn puts money back into the local economy.

Shopping local enables you to leave your car parked, which means fewer cars on the road, less noise and less pollution.

We work with businesses, offering them a FREE platform to advertise, with the only cost to their business being the incentive they choose to give to our members. We create opportunities to attract potential new customers and widen their audience. We treat all businesses equally. Each has their own designated listing and many features designed to raise their profile, encourage B2B networking and with a complimentary Lifestyle Card, they can also save money.

Local businesses simply make your town or city a more interesting place to live in. Supporting local businesses will help your community to thrive, and working together we can make a difference.

Read What Our Independent Businesses Have To Say About The Lifestyle Card

Being part of the Lifestyle card is a great way of advertising our business locally based on results. Working with the lifestyle team is really easy and they’re very proactive and professional. I would recommend that all Andover based business’ looks at this as part of their marketing plan. The Lifestyle card is a great incentive for people in Andover to shop local. It’s lovely to be part of a scheme that rewards loyalty to the town and brings the local community together.
La Di Da Interiors – Steph

The Lifestyle Card is a handy directory of all the independent businesses in the area, not only does it give customers the chance to find genuine, friendly and individual businesses it also offers savings on them all. We as a business love being part of this and helping local people save. The extra media coverage helps get us noticed and coming from a dependable source shows people we provide quality service.
C J Flooring – Vikki

The lifestyle card is a fantastic idea and brings us, great customers, as we offer 10% on all products. We also have made great savings as a business and personally! We saved 15% with Andover signs yesterday on a big invoice so was well happy!
Canto Gelato – Kelly

The success I’ve had from giving my customers the discount that comes with The Lifestyle Card has been amazing. I feel as a business owner we need all the advertising you can get but with The Lifestyle Card they do it for you and it reaches a wider audience. This has been a great idea and it has helped my business grow.
J4K – Sharon

Indiglow has been on board with the Lifestyle Card for 17 months now and I continue to see more and more customers using it. Discounts like this not only help shoppers but also the business itself, and, by shopping local in all the other businesses in and around the town that also offer the Lifestyle card, it helps the local community too.
Indiglow – Agnes

The Lifestyle Card is a great platform not only to advertise my businesses special offers to Lifestyle cardholders but also on a personal level when shopping or dining out. But I think most of all it is the sense of being part of a big community ‘club’ where we all belong and give a little to each other. I one hundred per cent recommend the Lifestyle Card – it is a great thing for Andover and the surrounding areas.
Alex McGarry – Alex


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