Corporate Rewards

Corporate Rewards

Reward those loyal to you and give them opportunities to save money across all aspects of their lifestyle. Lifestyle Card members can access thousands of discounts locally, nationally, and online, with the simplicity of just showing their digital membership to participating businesses or using online promo codes. As well as working with well-known brands we connect people to local services and our team can grow discounts in your location, putting money back into local communities. We offer multiple purchase discounts and can work within your budget.

Employee Rewards

The Lifestyle Card membership is the perfect reward to acknowledge your employees’ performance, improve workplace engagement and offer opportunities to access services to support their physical, financial, and mental health wellbeing, helping them to achieve a work-life balance. As well as national brands, we connect your employees to local services making it both convenient and practical within their busy daily lives. We provide incentives for both B2C & B2B, so both employees and employers can benefit. We can help support employers to retain and recruit staff with our incentives and thereby save money on both recruitment and training costs.

Customer Rewards

Whether you’re looking to attract new, or retain existing members, engage lapsed members, or upsell subscriptions or membership, The Lifestyle Card can help you to achieve your objectives. Rewarding your members is a way of recognising those who purchase or engage with your brand on a regular basis. Member retention is vital to business growth and membership loyalty is key to achieving it. Rewarding those loyal to you and giving them opportunities to save money in areas such as health and wellbeing or days out and experiences can help members feel like they are part of something exclusive with shared values and a positive experience of your brand. If your members enjoy the benefits of your membership loyalty programme, they are likely to recommend you to other people.

Corporate Feedback