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The Lifestyle Card provides an entirely FREE platform to list your business.

The only cost to your business is the discount or offer you provide to our members.

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All of this and more is included FREE of charge for any business listing:

Listing FAQ's

It is completely free to list your business with us. We even provide you with a free courtesy membership for the listing. The only cost to you is the discount or offer you provide to our members.

The discount or offer you provide to our members is completely down to you and what you are most comfortable with.

Common examples of these are as follows:

  • 10% off all clothing
  • Spend X amount and get X amount off
  • Free consultation/survey
  • Free gift with any purchase

If you want to change or edit your listing with us, simply get in touch with your desired changes, and we will get these updated for you. We typically process changes within 1-3 working days.

All of our members use our virtual card service. This will show a flashing virtual card stating that the membership is active and the member’s details. We use a flashing animation to prevent potential users from screenshotting this page.

If you are Ecommerce based, then the user will only be able to access your promotional code or direct landing page if they are logged in (active membership) on our platform.

We will promote your listing/offer on our various social media platforms after your listing has been created. 

However, if you wish to also promote yourself, we have a dedicated marketing materials area containing social media-ready post templates and embeddable website badges. These can be found here.

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