Basingstoke RFC: A Legacy of Excellence and Growth

Basingstoke Rugby Football Club, a true bastion of sporting heritage, has come a long way since its inception in March 1948. What started with just two matches during its inaugural season soon blossomed into a full fixture list for two fifteens in the following year, laying the foundation for decades of rugby excellence.

In 1984, a significant milestone was achieved with the construction of the President’s Lounge, a vital addition that provided much-needed facilities to accommodate the club’s growing ambitions. Impressively, the club was still entirely run on a voluntary basis, reflecting the dedication of its members.

However, in December 1988, recognizing the potential to maximize the use of their facilities, Basingstoke RFC took another leap forward by employing a full-time steward.

One of the most substantial developments occurred in 1991, a testament to the club’s commitment to progress. Extensions were built, offering a dining area, a larger kitchen, an office, a shop, and even a weight training room. Internally, improvements were equally impressive, including the establishment of a fully equipped medical room, a modern central heating system, and the expansion of the bar area.

As the club continued to evolve, further enhancements followed. A new floodlit first-team pitch and stand were added, along with a floodlit training area, representing the club’s dedication to both performance and inclusivity. Plans are also in motion for extensions to the changing facilities, aligning with the growing popularity of women’s and girls’ rugby.

Today, Basingstoke RFC proudly boasts two senior men’s teams, a flourishing women’s squad, Colts, and a robust youth rugby program catering to ages five to eighteen. The club has also established girls’ teams (U12’s, U14’s, U16’s and U18’s), further underlining its commitment to fostering a diverse rugby community.

The Basingstoke RFC Committee remains unwaveringly ambitious, with a vision to continually enhance facilities, making the club an acknowledged hub for Rugby Football in Hampshire.

In November 2017, Basingstoke RFC was honoured with the RFU Seal of Accreditation, a well-deserved recognition of its enduring legacy and commitment to the sport of rugby.

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Photo: Coach, Martin Crossan, Fiona & Sean Caruana


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