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Introducing National Offers – Platform Update

Greetings from the World of the Lifestyle Card website! Since our last website makeover in January 2022, where we rolled out the red carpet for our spiffy new Homepage and gave our style a fresh makeover, we’ve been up to some serious behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Picture us as the wizards behind the curtain, conjuring up even more fabulousness for our platform!

Hold onto your hats because, with this dazzling new update, we’re introducing a showstopper: National Offers! These gems are like a secret VIP club, exclusively for our members. Imagine a treasure trove of top-notch deals that span across the entire UK. No more scrolling through local listings – these offers are your express ticket to big-brand discounts with just a tap. And guess what? We’ve gone all out and created a brand-spanking new national offers section right on the homepage. Go on, take a sneak peek!

But hold on, there’s more! We’ve given our search wizardry a turbo boost. Local Listings and National Offers now strut their stuff faster and smoother than ever. Plus, we’ve sprinkled some magic dust on it for mobile devices – go ahead, whip out your phone and give it a whirl. It’s like having a treasure map in your pocket!

Our design ninjas have also been working their magic. We’ve polished and perfected the website until it gleams like a rare gem. Bugs? Vanished! And guess what? Our website now loads quicker than a wink, all for you, our fantastic members.

Hold onto your seats because the Lifestyle Card team has been on a mission to sprinkle discounts everywhere! Local discounts? We’ve got ’em in spades. And brace yourselves because a tidal wave of new national discounts is about to make waves. Get ready to uncover exciting new businesses, sizzling brands, and exclusive gems – it’s a treasure hunt you won’t want to miss!

Fingers crossed, you’re just as thrilled about these updates as we are. And hey, don’t be a stranger – your feedback is our fuel! So go on, dive in, explore, and soak up the awesomeness of the freshly upgraded Lifestyle Card universe. Here’s to deals, dazzle, and endless delight!


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