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Sustainable Products & Services

In our efforts to protect our environment, many customers want to know that their purchases are having an impact—and they’re willing to spend time researching a business’s products, its social structure and environmental impact. Taking this onboard we have sourced products & services and are delighted to announce we have launched a sustainable category in our National Offers.

Here Lifestyle Card members will be able to explore products from accessories, and homeware, to cosmetics as people are becoming conscious about their lifestyles and what they purchase. In addition, you will find businesses that support trusted climate projects.

Sustainability is increasingly becoming the standard of living for many people. Apart from companies changing their processes, individuals are also making lifestyle changes.

Considering the state of our planet, it has become imperative that manufacturers, companies, and individuals collectively work to protect the earth’s natural resources. Human activity will continue to adversely impact the environment if not treated cautiously.

Purchasing something that is a bit more expensive but made under conditions that are sustainable is not only an advantage from an environmental perspective but it’s probably more economical than you realize, since such goods last longer.



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