Loyalty Rewards

Reward Your Loyal Members/Customers

Rewarding your members with a Lifestyle Card is a way of recognising and rewarding those who purchase or engage with your brand on a regular basis. For smaller businesses, we know that money isn’t always free-flowing, so member retention is vital to business growth and membership loyalty is key to achieving it.

Whether you are looking to attract new, or retain existing members, engage lapsed members, or upsell subscriptions or memberships, The Lifestyle Card can support your objectives.

The Lifestyle Card gives your members access to over 5,000 discounts locally, nationally, and online, with a 12-month membership covering all aspects of their lifestyle. We can work within your budget and offer both a digital and physical branded card.

Rewarding those loyal to you and giving them opportunities to save money in areas such as health and wellbeing or entertainments and experiences can deliver:

FREE Business Listing

We promote and support local businesses, supporting both B2C and B2B and putting money back into local communities. With the FREE advertising platform on our website, the only cost to you is your incentive to our members. We aim to increase your visibility and enhance your digital presence. In addition, by offering a discount to our members and choosing our cards as a loyalty gift, you are automatically encouraging repeat business. Our 10,000+ membership can help you to benefit from a wider audience.

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