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    VIPMumsNdads would like to offer a Business To Business (B2B) offer for all The Lifestyle Card holders, it’s free to join their website as a star member, build your profile, with the option to purchase their package to promote you. They can now offer all The Lifestyle Card Holders a promotional package, with a discount! where your business, service or events are shared 5 days a week for 4 weeks across various social media sites, also included is an advert listed within their website, which is also shared online!

    Netty has built her community website for UK families and UK businesses to connect with each other. Netty was born and lives in Andover and looks forward to welcoming more local people to join her website! By joining VIPMumsNdads, every member gets a FREE profile, where you are able to add your personal and business information and your social media sites. Being a member also enables you to add your latest news or offers within their activity feed, add your own competitions and blogs as well as connect with their members across the UK. They also have packages available for businesses to be promoted within their various social media sites, starting from just £10 a month!

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