Tickling Trout

    B2B Discount

    • Free email campaigns - Website updates - video streaming during COVID-19

      Business Details

      Email your customers (up to 500) for free (they will create, design and data management)

      If you have a Joomla or Wordpress website, they will do updates for free.

      If you have videos to send, you can stream them free using their platform.

      They started in the teeth of a recession in 2008, so they know how hard it can be, they also remember who helped them.

      They want to help people now who are in a similar position.

      If they can, they will offer their services for free.

      They are a Specialist Marketing Agency, based in Andover, who focus on: Explainer Videos, Websites, Business Email, Video, Smartphone Apps, Even CRMs.

      How To Claim

      This discount is intended for Business to Business (B2B) use only. To use this discount, you will need to either visit or contact the listing business to apply. You will be required to show your Digital Lifestyle Card and active member status. This can be found on your My Account page.

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