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Car Air Conditioning and Interior Disinfection: Only £40

O₃ZONation is a mobile service who say they use the most effective and NON- CHEMICAL solution in air and disinfection and odour removal – ozone generators to purify air and all surfaces at home, work place, office, car, public transport, pubs, schools and wherever you require it in closed areas.

They state they are able to eliminate viruses, bacteria’s, fungi’s, mould, mildew, allergens and unpleasant odours like mustiness or tobacco, without using any harmful chemicals.

How does it work?
After clarifying your requirements, potential process time and price they will arrange a trained and certified operator to arrive to your destination and execute your order by using their generators.

​They use powerful, safe, tested and CE approved generators to produce ozone gas to achieve its appropriate concentration inside treated area.

They base their service knowledge on laboratory and field tests conducted by professional scientists and their ozone generators manufacturer.

You can see ozone effectiveness by visiting their website:

Industrial Ozonators used by them will easily reach all areas in enclosed rooms due to built in fans and size of ozone particles. Only ozone can reach places that are unreachable for any other disinfecting solution system listed above.

O3zonation say it is worth mentioning that some kindergartens or restaurants are ozonating their premises every night after closing down for the day to start clean and free of living microorganisms and pathogens on the next day.

They also state that ​Safety equipment like gas masks, and professional industrial ozone detector are always used to ensure that highest standards of Health & Safety are adhered to.

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