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  • Projects priced between £15,000 – £25,000 = 2.5%
  • Projects priced between £25,001 – £50,000 =  5%
  • Projects priced between £50,001 – £75,000 =  7.5%
  • Projects priced between £75,001 – £100,000 = 10%

    Business Details

    LMF International Design Consultants office in Hampshire UK has recently completed substantial extension work to a listed residential building and received great credit for the standard and quality of the work from Planning and Conservation authorities in the Test Valley.

    Their commercial and hospitality work is also known for winning International acclaim for their clients and financial success.

    They are acknowledged for their ability to listen to and interpret clients wishes and deliver their dreams on time and on budget.

    They bring to each project a fresh perspective and deliver unique and individual design concepts to every project.

    They have experience in working with diverse design and build teams and supervising every aspect on site of the building process to ensure that the design is faithfully executed to the last detail.

    Lucille’s background has given her a unique perspective and experience in working with people of many cultures and backgrounds and she has developed an instinctive ability to translate client’s needs, hopes and dreams whilst incorporating the nature and culture of the area and successfully enhancing property values.

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