Kathmandu Variety Foods

  • Spend £10 or more and choose 3 instant noodles of your choice from their variety of instant noodles or a Pokemon can of drink
  • Spend over £35 and receive free delivery after 8pm

    Business Details

    Kathmandu Variety Foods is an Asian, African and Caribbean grocery shop in Andover run by a local Nepalese family for over 7 years.  Offering ethnic products including fresh meat, fresh vegetables, rice, noodles, cassava, yam, frozen fish, dumplings and spices from all over the world.

    In addition, they provide the services of money transfer to all over the world with Western Union, Moneygram and RIA. They also act as the Access Point for UPS where you can pick up your parcel, send parcels by processing everything on the internet with UPS and drop them off in the shop for the driver to pick it up.  Other services include the Paypoint services of topping up telephones, gas/electric cards and various other Paypoint services.

    Business Location

    Kathmandu Variety Foods, Bridge Street, Andover, UK

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