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    • Up to £30,000 off t&c's apply
    Terms & Conditions
    • Voucher of up to £30,000 on your next overseas recruitment drive.
    • Terms and conditions depend on the amount of clinicians being recruited - £10,000 off for 10, £20,000 for 20 and £30,000 for a cohort of 30 clinicians.
    • Proof of your Lifestyle Card & membership number is required.

    Business Details

    Insignia Global Partners is a niche provider of human resource services across a diverse range of healthcare organisations. They provide local and international clinical talent to significantly stabilise your workforce, reduce your agency spend and to address the critical shortages of healthcare professionals.

    Established in 2014, Insignia Global Partners have a combined 50 years experience healthcare HR services and has developed an extensive network of clinical candidates across the globe. Their candidates are managed from inception to conclusion by guiding them through the complex compliance process for the country in which they wish to invest their career.
    Insignia Global Partners would be delighted to help you with your clinical HR needs.

    To get in touch simply email.

    How To Claim

    This discount is intended for Business to Business (B2B) use only. To use this discount, you will need to either visit or contact the listing business to apply. You will be required to show your Digital Lifestyle Card and active member status. This can be found on your My Account page.

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