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Get a Drip Brent Cross is a wellness clinic that specialises in IV vitamin therapy and booster shot injections. The clinic offers a wide range of vitamins and nutrients designed to help individuals feel more energised, well, rejuvenated, and healthy. Their focus is on both health prevention and providing assistance to individuals with existing health issues.

IV vitamin therapy is a unique method of supplementing the body with essential nutrients by delivering them directly into the bloodstream. This ensures maximum absorption and effectiveness, as the nutrients bypass the digestive system. By receiving nutrients intravenously, the body can quickly absorb and utilise them for optimal health benefits. As an international wellness company, Get a Drip Brent Cross emphasises the importance of focusing on health and wellness. They offer a variety of IV vitamin blends tailored to different needs, including boosting energy levels, improving immune function, promoting skin health, and supporting overall well-being.

The clinic’s services are designed to enhance overall health, prevent illness, and assist those with specific health concerns. Whether you’re seeking a general wellness boost or looking for targeted support for specific health issues, Get a Drip Brent Cross aims to provide effective solutions through their IV vitamin therapy and booster shot injections.

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday; 9am – 8pm
Sunday; 12pm – 6pm

Business Location

Thérapie Clinic – Brent Cross | Cosmetic Injections, Laser Hair Removal, Body Sculpting, Advanced Skincare, London, UK

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