Coach Kalin

  • Buy 4 PT session and get 1 free + 1 month training program + meal plan Cost £200
Terms & Conditions
  • Call or email to claim this offer, mention you are a Lifestyle Card member
  • If you would like the sessions to be carried in Everyone Active Winchester, a membership to the leisure center is advisable. If you are not a member additional fee of £5 per visit should be paid at the reception of the venue.

Business Details


I am a Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist and Ski Racer. In my experience, I have specialised predominantly in fitness for elderly people and fat loss. My workouts are designed in a way which will keep you entertained, motivated and looking forward to your next session. I am always challenging my clients to try new movements and routines so that they can experience the true abilities of their bodies and be proud of it!

Since I graduated, nearly 20 years ago I was carefully observing the results my training and nutrition have over my performance and appearance. This is a knowledge I am applying when working with my clients and gives me the confidence the expect the results from my training the be on place!

Business Location

Coach Kalin, Bar End, Winchester, UK

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This discount is intended for in-person use, such as at the business store, office or premises. You will be required to show your Digital Lifestyle Card and active member status. This can be found on your My Account page.

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