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It is surprisingly easy to get into the habit of only seeing the negatives on a daily basis. Over time negative thinking makes us feel low, anxious and like we can’t enjoy the things we used to enjoy.
The 28 Day Positivity challenge is a fun and informative way to introduce some positive thinking and practice positivity for 28 days. Once you sign up to the challenge you will have access to your very own members area where there will be daily exercises for you to do. There is also more information about positive thinking, it’s benefits and how to bring it into your everyday life. To keep you on track there are also daily emails that let you know which exercise you should be doing that day and where you can find more information.

Anxiety 2 Confidence provides clinical hypnotherapy to anxiety sufferers online, in their Andover UK based clinic and informational workshops. The courses use a combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy exercises to help people take control of their anxiety and build a calm and secure confidence instead. Clients of Anxiety 2 Confidence learn how to overcome phobias, speak confidently in public and tackle issues like social anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder. Although hypnotherapy is considered an alternative approach to mental healthcare, Anxiety 2 Confidence works from an evidence based approach to give realistic support and techniques that work for anxiety.

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