Cinema Rewards

Cinema Rewards

Your Lifestyle Card membership can now reward your employees/members with up to 40% off standard Box Office prices with over 450 cinemas nationwide.

They can watch any movie, any day, at any time, with well-known brands. Up to 40% off adult & child cinema tickets, 7 days a week.

There is a special kind of magic that comes from actually going to the cinema. From the scent from freshly-popped popcorn, of nacho chips, of sugary-sweet pick ‘n’ mixes to the softly welcome of the plush seat as you slide into it. It’s the exciting hum of activity all around you, as everyone settles back to watch the trailers.

Above all else, it’s the sense of freedom that comes from turning off your phone, knowing that you will not be switching it back on until the credits roll. Of focusing on something properly and whole-heartedly for just a few sweet blissful hours. Of allowing yourself to get well and truly lost in another world in a way you can’t possibly ever hope to do at home.

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