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Prominent business backs discount scheme in bid to ‘regenerate town’

Prominent business backs discount scheme in bid to ‘regenerate town’

ONE of Andover’s largest employers has backed a scheme to help regenerate the town.
Simplyhealth has signed up to The Lifestyle Card and will offer the rewards programme to its employees.

Richard Gillies, chief operating officer, said: “Simplyhealth is a large employer in the area with 1,200 colleagues, of which 750 are based in Andover. We’re offering our employees The Lifestyle Card because we recognise that encouraging our colleagues to invest in Andover will help regenerate the town and support the many local businesses based here.”

Simplyhealth is offering cardholders discounts on a selection of its health plans.

The Lifestyle Card’s Sean Caruana said: “When it comes to supporting the local community Simplyhealth certainly lead by example. Our aim is to encourage local residents to keep using local and offer a platform for new and established businesses to grow with opportunities for business to business networking within The Lifestyle Card framework.”

Over 175 businesses across Andover currently offer discounts via The Lifestyle Card.

Photo – From left, Richard Gillies; Fiona and Sean Caruana of The Lifestyle Card; and Fred Dobson, Simplyhealth reward specialist

Article was written by – Andover Advertiser

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