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What Is The Lifestyle Card?

What Is The Lifestyle Card?

The Lifestyle Card provides you simple access to 5,000+ Local & National discounts including:

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Freshers Festival has partnered with The Lifestyle Card to offer our staff access to thousands of discounts. We are delighted to reward you with a Lifestyle Card membership which expires on 30th November 2022. The Lifestyle Card is a multi-award-winning loyalty card, giving you access to over 5,000 discounts nationwide. Discounts cover all aspects of your lifestyle, including shopping, days out and experiences, up to 40% off over 400 cinemas throughout the UK, trades, pet services, professional services, gyms, eating out, health & wellbeing, golf, hair & beauty, luxury brands for less, airport hotel/parking, 50% Off second cruise guest and much more.

When your Lifestyle Card membership has expired on 30th November 2022 we have secured a 75% discount on 1-year Lifestyle Card membership (RRP£40, you only pay £10). Simply enter coupon code FF10 at check out BUY HERE

50% of all income generated from sales of Lifestyle Card memberships, will be donated to Freshers Festival.


Freshers Festival is gifting you a complimentary Lifestyle Card membership that expires on 31st September 2022, where you can access over 5,000 discounts nationwide.
You simply need to click ‘Claim Your Membership’, proceed to checkout and complete your ‘Billing Details’, it will state £0.00 at checkout.
No, simply save our website as a bookmark to any mobile device for quick and easy on-the-go access.
Simply show your digital card to the participating businesses to receive your discount. For online discounts and offers, once logged into your account, you will be able to view hidden promo codes and links.
We are actively growing our local discounts. Businesses list for FREE on our platform; please let us know of any companies you think will benefit, and we will contact them. Alternatively, please pass on our details where they can complete the online form to list their business.
  • This promotion is only for persons issued this promotional link by Freshers Festival.
  • Your Free gifted memberships are valid until 30th November 2022.
  • Membership does not auto-renew however, renewal emails will be automatically issued.
  • The Lifestyle Card reserves the right to cancel or change this promotion at any time.
  • When your membership expires on 30th September 2022 you can use the coupon code FF10 to receive a 75% discount on a 1-year membership.
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