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    Read why Debi embarked on training in The Grief Recovery Method.

    I nearly died in 2007 and again in 2015 and upon my recovery, I started to realise that the years and years of grief that I had lived with were having a huge impact on my emotional and physical health. I spent a long time studying various forms of therapy/holistic treatments to aid me in regaining my health without realising, that without shifting the grief I carried around, that would not happen.

    When I found The Grief Recovery Method in June 2019, my life changed so profoundly. I started to sleep, proper sleep by putting my head on the pillow and just closing my eyes – no books or meditation needed for the first time since I was a very small child – over 50 years to be precise! It was a revelation and something I enjoy every single day of my life now. I also found that the debilitating pain condition that I have lived with for most of my life was also benefiting from releasing this grief – I am able to move around more freely than I have been able to for many years. These are things that I never envisaged experiencing and I am thoroughly appreciating these positive changes.

    Family and friends noticed huge changes in me, particularly commenting on how my zest for life was coming back, that my art work was showing more depth and my general demeanour was very much more energetic than it had been for many years. They also commented that they saw a light in my eyes again, that seemed to have dimmed over the years. I feel like I have come alive again for the first time in many years and, I can place this change firmly at the door of Grief Recovery since I completed my training in 2019.

    Grief Recovery gave me the space to be truly heard, honestly and openly about the pain I had buried inside from so many different areas of my life. As I learned the tools, I found an ability to move through a large majority of the many debilitating experiences of grief that were dragging me down: family deaths in tragic circumstances, , loss of babies due to miscarriage, breakdown of my marriage, loss of home, life, family and pets, and finally, the disappointments of career that did not take the trajectory that I had expected.

    The skills I have gained to help others complete their losses and move forward in their lives is so rewarding. It has given me a passion to effect positive change to enable you to move forward in a more healthy, effective way and achieve greater depth to your own life.

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