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    OmniPay was founded in 2012 to provide payment solutions to the retail food industry alongside other group companies offerings of EPOS and online ordering systems. Since then OmniPay has
    grown into a global merchant services provider with client partners in many business activities and locations. Today OmniPay handles approximately £50 million of transactions per
    month and is growing all the time.

    Our growth and client partner retention has been achieved through a simple philosophy of not being like other payments companies, but rather sticking to our core values,
    bring simplicity to the complex, be bold, be passionate, build honest and transparent relationships, nurture innovation that puts our client partners first and treat every failure as a learning opportunity. More recently we have added Community as a value proposition, helping our client partners work with each other, stronger together, to borrow the phrase.

    With OmniPay you can expect to be able to access the latest technologies but allied with traditional customer services, nobody wants to call an automated service and press 1 for this
    and 2 for that when you have a shop full of customers and your card machine has frozen. OmniPay provides true account management and a single point of contact for all, including quarterly proactive check-ins with every client partner.

    Innovation in products is where OmniPay can really excel. With a large employed development team, we are agile and proactive. Our think tank poses questions, such as how do I turn a
    mobile phone into a card machine, the development team makes it happen. That particular project went from concept to reality in 3 months.

    The future of merchant services lies in online transactions, and whilst the way that people interact with sellers is likely to evolve beyond clicking buttons on a website, the fundamentals of how the transaction is processed is likely to remain static for the foreseeable future. OmniPay has built its own payment gateway to handle the transmission of payments from a merchant
    shopping cart to the acquiring bank for processing. This gives OmniPay enormous stability and future proofing and is a key area of investment for the company.

    Payment gateways are borderless and open up opportunities internationally, we are already operating in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, some huge markets and will continue to expand to territories that appreciate what OmniPay can offer.

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