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Delivering cookies nationwide. Everyday is a cookie day!

Chocolatey good cookies, golden and crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside, decorated with a variety of different toppings. and…, they only use high-quality ingredients. Delish!

Manns Cookies believe that cookies taste best when made with chocolate and love. So they hand make all of their cookies using 100% fresh ingredients.  Free range eggs, butter and 72% Satongo dark chocolate are all used to create the perfect cookie. Definitely the naughty side of heaven!

  • The Original Box : Box of 6: £12 ,  Box of 6: £12
  • The Celebration Box : Box of 6 including sparkling fountain candle  £14  ,  Box of 12: £20
  • The Double Chocolate GF Box : Box of 6: £15 ,  Box of 12: £22 
  • The Original Horse Box :  Box of 6: 13.50  ,  Box of 12: £19.50 
  • The Double Chocolate Horse Box GF box :  Box of 6: 13.50  ,  Box of 12: 19.50
  • The Baby Box :  Box of 6: £15 ,  Box of 12: £22

UK only Postage and Packaging £4

Get your hands on their Manns!

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