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    Welcome to my wonderful world of buttons! If you are looking for a totally unique gift then Li’l Em’s buttons and gems creations are perfect and make a stunning addition to any home.

    Li’l Em’s buttons and gems collections range from framed personalised family tree pictures to hair accessories all made from beautiful buttons. All of Li’l Em’s buttons creations are made to the highest possible standard and lovingly created by Emma. Every item is a handcrafted bespoke piece and that’s what makes them all so special. The possibilities are endless for colours, shapes and designs when it comes to button art. Items can be made to order and Emma is happy to incorporate your ideas into a special gift.

    If you are looking to make a very personal keepsake Emma is happy to integrate special buttons, perhaps from your children’s clothing or a wedding dress.
    Maybe a collection your mother had or pieces of jewellery that hold sentimental value. Button art pictures can include photos or personal items, for example a baby’s identity bracelet or perhaps a personal poem. Should you be looking for a specific button i.e. a character button for a child, these can be sourced so please feel free to enquire.

    Check out the website : Order times will vary dependent on the detail involved and the size and specifications of the item.

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