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    The Business Breakthrough Programme creates clarity and a way forwards clarity for entrepreneurs when they’re stuck on one particular challenge e.g. identifying their ideal client, effective networking, overcoming rejection, creating structure, generating consistent income, work/life balance.

    The programme includes:

    1) A worksheet for you to complete prior to your first session. This will help you get clear on what you want to get out of the programme and identify what you want to bring to your one to one session.

    2) A sixty minute one to one coaching session over the phone. In this session they will help you home in on what the challenge is, establish the root cause of the problem, determine what you want instead, tackle the blockers that are getting in your way and create an action plan to move you forwards.

    3) A thirty minute accountability call 2 weeks later. Here they will check in on your process, reflect on what you’ve learnt, address any further challenges your action has thrown up.

    At the end of the programme you will feel lighter, clearer, more empowered and motivated. And most importantly, you will have toppled a major domino in your business that was holding you back, leaving you free to move forwards.

    To book your Business Breakthrough Programme, email direct.

    Katie’s business is on a mission to help entrepreneurs make the world a better place. She supports those who want their business to be a force for good, whether that’s through trading ethically or sustainably, through putting people at the heart of their business, through trying to tackle societal or environmental challenges, or through supporting their local community.

    Katie combines her several years of experience from working as a sales and marketing leader in both large multinationals and growing British startups, with her love of people development (She is a professionally certified personal development Coach, NLP Practitioner and a DiSC Profiling administrator) to support those businesses who want to leave a positive legacy for the world.

    She will bring affordable and transformational business coaching to entrepreneurs to help them create thriving businesses that feel good and do good.

    What is business coaching?
    Business coaching creates the space and environment necessary for you to explore challenges, unlock new thinking, be genuinely listened too and heard, create clarity, gain feedback and determine your way forwards. It is not business consultancy, and Katie will therefore not be telling you what to do. You have all the answers you’re searching for inside of you, her job is to help you find them.

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