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Forest Therapy is based on the established and clinically proven Japanese wellness practice known as Shinrin-Yoku. This literally translates as ‘bathing your senses in the atmosphere of the forest’, which is why it is sometimes known as Forest Bathing.

Does your organisation promote good mental health as part of its employee wellbeing programme? Have you considered a team bonding day with a difference? How about trying something new, something you can do together outdoors, whilst remaining at a safe distance?

The practice of Forest Bathing centres around nature connection, which put simply is the relationship between human beings and the rest of the natural world. As we connect to nature, we develop an understanding that humans are not separate to/from it and with this comes compassion, purpose, and a sense of belonging as well as a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression.

During a Forest Therapy experience, Sonya facilitates a series of non-contact mindful meditations that focus on activating the senses, slowing down, turning off chatter in the mind and bringing attention to the present moment. Using traditional meditation and mindfulness techniques together with nature connection, participants can feel rejuvenated, are able to release blocked emotions and are free to become a more resilient version of themselves.

Sessions are held outdoors in small groups of around 10, and last 2-3 hours.

NEW! 1 hour tasters also available.


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