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The Lifestyle Card Brand Ambassadors

The Lifestyle Card Brand Ambassadors

The Lifestyle Card was launched in September 18 by Sean & Fiona Caruana. The concept behind our business is to support local business and create an Employer Reward Card with local benefits, that the general public can also purchase. Mindful that customers often look for incentives, discounts or offers, we put our business model in to practice.

We decided we wanted to offer a Free advertising platform to promote local business and in return those businesses gave our members a discount/offer of their choice. This not only allowed businesses to focus on their core business, it saved them time and money with the knowledge that we would offer a website/platform to raise their companies profile.

Wanting to offer the most simplistic way for people to receive their discount, we devised a card, which meant our members would simply show The Lifestyle Card to the participating business.

We wanted the only cost to the businesses listing with us to be their discount/offer they decided to give our members and our income would come from membership/card sales only. Listing businesses receive a complimentary Lifestyle Card, to save them money and encourage spending locally.

Next was to find a company who could create a platform to allow our visions to come to fruition, and we were delighted when highly recommended HITS agreed to work with us. We wanted to find an agency who believed in the idea as much as we did along with coming up with fresh new ideas to help take The Lifestyle Card to the next level. Since the initial launch of our website with HITS it has undergone 3 core updates adding exciting new features along with more future updates already in the pipeline.

We launched our business in Andover and surrounding areas. Our initial group of 70 participating businesses has now grown to over 450. A large majority of businesses listing have been personally sought, building fantastic partnerships and working together to support local business.

Our members are generated through individual card sales, companies buying our cards as an Employee Reward Scheme and businesses rewarding their memberships/customers. We are delighted to now have over 7000 members, which are potential customers for those businesses listing.

With many card holders working in Andover but residing in neighbouring areas, we decided in January 2020 to offer our services to another 11 locations Stockbridge, Winchester, Romsey, Ludgershall, Tidworth, Whitchurch, Overton, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Amesbury and Newbury. This is already is proving a popular decision with both our members and businesses.

With any expansion comes additional workload and we soon realised we needed support to help us grow. We have now introduced Brand Ambassadors who are an integral part of The Lifestyle Card and its future.

We are excited to announce we currently have 6 Brand Ambassadors in place who are professional, motivating individuals. We are working closely with our Brand Ambassadors in their respective areas and we’re delighted with the representatives we’ve chosen to support The Lifestyle Card.

With recent events emphasising the importance of supporting local communities, we believe this exciting expansion and our imminent business to business launch will further enhance our services.

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