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BOSH News: Discount for Lifestyle Card members

Thomas Skinner offers Lifestyle Card members a 10% discount on his mattress range and sitewide.

Additionally, in appreciation of his loyal customers, Tom gifts them a complimentary one-year Lifestyle Card membership, whether they buy online or visit his market stalls. Through this initiative, he not only encourages people to save money with over 5,000 discounts UK-wide but also promotes community reinvestment, emphasising the importance of supporting local businesses and communities.

Thomas Skinner, renowned as a TV personality and social media influencer, catapulted into the spotlight following his appearance on the fifteenth series of The Apprentice, where he popularised the catchphrase “bosh!”. Having worked in markets since a young age, Tom has a keen eye for deals. The bustling ambience of market stalls, the aroma wafting from burger vans, and the animated banter of traders all shaped his entrepreneurial spirit.

Using his experience working in markets, Tom realised that not everyone could get to them because they lived far away. So, he came up with BOSH MARKET, an online store where you can find all sorts of stuff handpicked by Tom for great deals. And the best part? You can order from anywhere in the country, and it’ll be delivered right to your doorstep. So, now you can shop from home and still get awesome deals, just like you would at the market.

Tom’s journey as an entrepreneur has led him to create luxurious, premium-quality mattresses made in the UK with locally sourced materials. Expanding beyond online retail, BOSH MARKET now provides mattresses to over 200 hotels nationwide.

Despite this growth, Tom remains committed to customer service, understanding that building positive relationships is essential for business success. Tom cares a lot about making customers happy, he learned this back when he was hustling in Romford and Dagenham markets, where people always looked out for each other. That same friendly vibe runs through BOSH MARKET. So, whenever you deal with them, you’re guaranteed to get top-notch service with a smile.

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