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The Lifestyle Card 2.2 Platform Update

The Lifestyle Card 2.2 Platform Update

The Lifestyle Card is pleased to announce the launch of a new update to its platform Version 2.2. Since the successful launch of our new website, we have received lots of great ideas and feedback from our customers and businesses listing with us. This update covers some of these great features and suggestions allowing us to expand our platform to a wider local audience.

What’s New?

Advanced Location Filtering

As The Lifestyle Card continues to grow and expand we felt it is now time to include a location filter for search results. Now if you’re looking for a restaurant, for example, you can refine the results by location such as Andover, Stockbridge, Newbury etc”. You can also now find “Locations” within the main menu. All listings have had their locations and service areas updated to work with this new feature.

Improved Search Experience

We have completely overhauled the websites search facility. No longer does our search rely solely on the business name and description being used to generate search results. Instead, we now have introduced hidden search keywords within each listing to aid users searches. Need a plumber? Simply search plumber to see all relevant results.

Additional Primary Category & Subcategories

We have just launched our 13th primary category for listings which is for Accommodation. Along with this, we have also added subcategories for Trades & Home and Hair & Beauty. We will be adding more subcategories in future updates as the primary categories begin to fill up with listings and need breaking down to subs.

Two New Collections

We have created two new collections which can now be found on the collections page or now on our main menu. The first new collection is for ‘having a baby’ and the second is for ‘home makeovers’. We hope you like the two new collections and we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on future collections.

Design Improvements & Bug Fixes

Our team of designers, developers and SEO experts have been busy fixing bugs, improving the design on PC and Mobile, improving discoverability on SEO and so much more. The team have also carried out a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure the website is fast to use and is ready for the next wave of future updates.

All of these features and more are now live on our website and ready for use. We hope you like them as much as we do and we look forward to hearing your thoughts, feedback and future ideas.

What’s Coming In The Future?

  1. Business To Business Sections (B2B): Listing businesses will be able to provide unique business deals to other participating businesses.
  2. Multiple Opening Hours: Support for businesses that have multiple opening hours throughout the day such as pubs and restaurants.
  3. Features & Amenities: A simple way of showing your businesses features and amenities such as “Free Parking, Disabled Access & Accepts Credit Cards”
  4. Voucher Code Support: Support for businesses that use E-commerce, We will display voucher codes within your listing with a “Click to reveal” system.

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